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Our goal at Perla Dental is to help your children develop dental habits that will ensure they maintain excellent dental health over their lifetime.

It is our experience that children introduced as early as three years old to regular dental checkups are more likely to maintain good dental health practices into their teenage and adult years. We’ve also noticed that introducing children to dentistry at a young age reduces phobias and fears associated with going to the dentist as they get older.

From a health standpoint, early diagnosis of potential tooth problems may prevent issues from ever developing. Over time, a child’s consistent record of dental health and development will enable us to make proactive and informed decisions.

It is important to have your child checked frequently by a pediatric dentist to make sure there are no problems that could result in your child having to go through painful and traumatizing dentistry in the future. Perla Dental utilizes the latest technology to make sure your children like going to the dentist. By providing a fun environment where children feel safe we ensure healthy habits in the future.

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